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New York Times: The Myth of Steady Retirement Spending...

It’s the question at the heart of so much retirement planning: How much money will I need in savings when I’ve stopped working?

The figure they come up with often relies on a popular rule of thumb: the so-called 4 percent rule.

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How Long Do Recessions Last?

Recessions can be complicated, misunderstood, and sometimes scary. But most of all, they're hard to predict. Past recessions have occurred for a variety of reasons, but typically are the result of imbalances that build up in the economy and ultimately need to be corrected.

However, the good news is, recessions generally don't last very long.

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7 of Your Most Burning Questions on Social Security (With Answers)

People have lots of questions about Social Security: Will it still be around when I retire? How much will I get? How does the spousal benefit work? These questions are not surprising given that no government program is more important to so many Americans. 

This year, Social Security is expected to pay $1.1 trillion to 69 million recipients of retirement and disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income.

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