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Our Approach

Client first

The mission of Meyer Wealth Management can start and end with that phrase. From his first days in 1983, to expanding the team in 2002 and 2018, Rick Meyer has always placed the needs of his clients above everything else. This foundation principle was instilled in Greg when he joined in 2002 and Alyssa in 2018. Each and every decision made at Meyer Wealth Management is grounded in ensuring our client’s needs are first and foremost in any decision we make.

Our Process

Investing is as much an art as a science. No two investors are the same. Our process is focused on you, the unique client. Every relationship starts with an initial meeting to get to know you, your needs, and to make sure our services are exactly what you are looking for. With that information we build a comprehensive investment plan for you. When reviewing this plan, we make sure it checks off all of your boxes, not just what the science of investing says, but what you feel. Your unique experiences make up your entire financial picture. This is the art side of investing. We must make sure we address all of your needs. After agreeing on the plan, we then put it into action. Through annual or biannual meetings, we will adapt and adjust the portfolio as you evolve and your unique situation changes through your investment and retirement life.

Our History

Father son teams run strong in the Meyer family. Rick Meyer began his career in investment advising in 1983, joining previous broker dealer, KMS Financial Services, Inc. as a registered representative after a career as a CPA, where he was a partner with his father in Meyer and Meyer Accounting. Greg Meyer joined his father in 2002, after a career in politics in Washington, DC. To bolster his professional credentials, Greg received his MBA from Portland State University in 2008, with a focus in Finance. Alyssa joined Rick and Greg in November of 2018, after spending the previous twelve months traveling the world with her family. With a double major from Willamette University in Economics and Psychology, Alyssa is excited to be back in the finance world after spending time as an energy analyst and back office representative for a large financial services firm.

Our Value

We have built Meyer Wealth Management with the goal of keeping client fees and expenses well below industry norms. The view from our office is not of the river, it is solely focused on what is best for our clients.