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Socially Responsible Investing (ESG)

What is ESG investing?

Many investors today want to ensure the funds they are putting to work in the economy are going to companies that have a strong record of supporting our community, planet and employees. The old days of Socially Responsible Investing are long gone, replaced by a more modern approach, ESG investing, Environmental, Social, Governance. This approach takes into account the many facets of running a company and being active in our world. Simply put, it allows you to feel better about investing.

With the evolution of ESG investing, the products and services associated with this methodology have expanded greatly. You now have a diverse range of investment options.

Whether you want your entire portfolio to be ESG or just a portion of it, we have taken an active approach in making ESG portfolios an option for our clients.

Investing with Your Heart

Investing with Your Heart

For some, the social impact of investing is just as important as the return, perhaps more important.
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